This pass lies on the tarred R68 between Melmoth in the east and Babanango in the west and traverses large commercial lumber plantations mostly above 1000m ASL. The road is quite narrow and motorists should always be wary of large logging trucks on this road, which might encroach over the barrier lines on corners, due to their size. The pass has an average gradient of 1:14 which puts it firmly into the 'steep' category. The steepest sections are at 1:7. The pass is also subject to mountain mists which can severely reduce visibility.

This is a gravel road pass for the purist! With a major altitude gain of 651 vertical meters over 7,19 km, the average gradient is a steep 1:11 - but wait, there's more....... You will be dealing with gradients of 1:6 along certain sections of the pass. If it's raining, prepare yourself for some slippin' n slidin' if you're not in a 4x4.

This steep pass forms part of the tarred R33 route between Dundee and Pomeroy. Translated it means "Help Each Other Pass" and dates back to the pioneering days when farmers needed to help each other to get their wagons up the steep inclines of this pass. The pass climbs 427 m over 9,8 km producing an average gradient of 1:23, but there are some steep sections at 1:7. The tiny settlement of Helpmekaar is located on the left hand side of the road, about 2 km after the summit point.

This is another pass in KZN loaded with Battlefields history. The tarred pass of 3,63 km skirts through a natural pass on the Eastern side of One Tree Hill - the flat topped mountain which is very prominent in the rolling landscape. This is on route N11 and is the main road between Ladysmith in the South and Newcastle in the North.

This is a straightforward forward climb up a long hill, which was the scene of a fierce battle during the First Boer War in 1881. The road climbs continuously to rise 262m over 5,5 km producing an average gradient of 1:21, but things get steeper near the summit at 1:10. There are no sharp corners or other apaprent dangers. This is a busy road, so the dangers fall into the category of "the other driver". The pass is subject to frequent mountain mists, when reduced visibility can cause fatal accidents. 

This one is not for the faint-hearted. It is essentially a very rough 4x4 track, often not even visible - involving scouting ahead on foot at times. There are 15 stream crossings and a climb through a neck towards the northern side involving gradients of 1:3! The pass is basically a northern extension of Rogers Pass and is used by local farmers to manage their fire-breaks. It is also a dead end at its northern side and the only way to head east or west from the end of the pass is on foot. For those willing to take the risks of driving this very remote pass, you will be rewarded with absolute isolation and some of the best scenery the Drakensberg has on offer.

The oddly named Khyber Pass (undoubtedly a tongue in cheek reference to the famous Khyber Pass in Afghanistan) is essentially a logging road that descends/ascends the Karkloof Valley to the north of Howick in KZN. Despite the heavy duty forestry type traffic which uses it, the road is usually in a surprisingly good condition. As is the case with all gravel roads, rain can change the status from good to bad within hours. If you're not in a 4WD vehicle, apply some common sense on this pass. The road descends 233m over only 3,2 km producing a stiff average gradient of 1:14 and expect some very steep sections at 1:6. The road can be driven in either direction. Adapt the directions if you are driving it in the opposite way.

The Kingscote Cutting is an impressive example of road engineering where the hills have been carved into to make a safe and more level driving surface. It's named after the nearby Kingscote farm and lasts for 4,3 km descending a total of 260 vertical metres, producing an average gradient of 1:17. It's located on the tarred R617 route between Kokstad and Underberg with sublime views of the Drakensberg for most of the distance.

This steep gravel road pass presents a challenging drive but rewards with amazing views over the Balele Mountains. It is a high altitude road summiting at 1662m ASL - and that means regular snowfalls in winter. It is best to be in a 4WD vehicle under snowy or very wet conditions.

An easy drive with gentle gradients of only 1:60 through the Koffiekloof which runs along the banks of the Mhlonyane stream amongst big mountains and great Drakensberg scenery just to the south of the Chelmsford Nature Reserve. Although this is a gravel road it is suitable for all vehicles in dry weather.

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Mountain Passes South Africa

Mountain Passes South Africa is a website dedicated to the research, documentation, photographing and filming of the mountain passes of South Africa.

Passes are classified according to provinces and feature a text description, Fact File including GPS data, a fully interactive dual-view map and a narrated YouTube video.

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