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Trips & Tours

Swartberg 2020 Tour (19th to 24th October) - All the participants are busy packing for this brand new version of our popular Swartberg Tour. It remains fully booked with no cancellations.

Mpumalanga Panorama Tour (26th to 30th October) - There are still a few tickets available for this wonderful tour taking in the historic towns and villages as well as the beautiful vistas along the Drakensberg Escarpment. Click here for more info & online bookings.

Wild Coast Tour (12th to 21st November) - Fully booked

Mpumalanga Highveld Tour (23rd to 25th November) Enjoy a leisurely and very affordable tour along the Mpumalanga Highveld guided by Johan Badenhorst. Click here for more info and online bookings.

Atlantis Sand Driving Course (13th December) - Join us for a fun day at Atlantis Dunes, north of Cape Town, as we teach you the fundamentals of soft sand driving. This is the 3rd module of our training programme. Click here to book.

Photography Tour: We are working with a photographer in putting together a tour which will be focussed (pun intended) on amateur photographers who are keen on learning how to improve their landscape photography. We are still working on the details, but the tour will include mountain pass driving as part of the package. We will publish more information as soon as we have finalised matters. Let us know per email if you would be interested on such a tour. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ben 10 V3 Tour - Report back

Day 2: The weather forecast for Friday 25th September indicated very strong winds of 90 kph for our area. The nature of mountain passes are such that at the necks where the passes reach the highest point, the wind strength can often be much higher than the forecasted speed. We selected another tough route for the day which often means arriving back at base in the dark. It is a challenge, after all, and part of the adventure is having to deal with the hard yards.

We left the Mountain Shadows Hotel promptly at 08.30 bound for Barkly East where a number of our drivers wanted to top up their tanks, and especially the Jimny's which have a nominal rage of 400 km. Once regrouped we rumbled out of Barkly East and soon turned right towards Loch Bridge. The bridge was completed in 1893 by Joseph Newey (who was responsible for all the sandstone bridges in the area, most of which are still standing firmly) and is one of the last single width stone bridges still in daily use in South Africa.

Photos and videos done, we drove up the Tierkrans Pass and paused halfway up to admire the rail reverses. These clever reverse systems work much like the switchbacks on a hiking trail, with the exception that the train would go forward down one section, then reverse down the next, until it reached the valley floor or plateau. The concept was put forward by a local German woman from Barkly East, who reasoned that the construction of the reverses had to be much cheaper than building tunnels and bridges. It remains one of only three such systems in the world, the others being in Canada and China. 

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