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We are in the Southern Cape doing filming work this week, finding the last few passes to add in this sector which is very close to being 100% complete. If you're in the Garden Route area, keep a look out for our camera vehicle. The fuel price is down and looks set to drop even more. This is good for the economy in general and it means those of us that enjoy travelling get a lot more bang for our buck. Schools are back in action and life returns to normal once more.

This week we would like to extend a sincere thank-you to all of you who have written in with suggestions, ideas and new passes. We have approximately 150 unprocessed passes in our "vault", most of which are smaller or lesser known passes. The plan is to .....

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It's back to work for most of us and that darned oil price keeps dropping! $46 dollars per barrel. Let us smile for a while, whilst this lasts....

We reached another new record during December, with the highest ever viewership of a shade under 50,000 page views. We are both humbled and happy. Thank you for this incredible support. If you have a business that can benefit from this focused viewership, please read our advertising section.

Today we feature a really great Northern Cape pass. This one actually straddles the border of the Western and Northern Cape - so it was a case of: eenie-meenie-minie-mo, in deciding under which province to credit it! Travel with us over the great quartz semi-desert known as the Knersvlakte as we uncover some unsusual bits of history. And who knows who Victor Smith was and what significant role he played in South African aviation history?

Buckle up and drive this great pass originally built by....

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Many of you will have returned from your holidays safe and sound, ready to face the year ahead. I suppose the best news this week is the big drop in the fuel price. This will undoubtdly benefit all South Africans. Of course, the reasons for the price drop are scary, to say the least, and we are watching developements carefully as the international oil price drama plays itself out. Dont be surprised if the price suddenly spikes again.

Whilst you were on holiday, we were out and about filming passes as usual and we have some fabulous new passes on offer. Today we feature an off the beaten track, VERY steep gravel pass in the far northern sector of the Western Cape. With waterfalls, rock pools, San rock-art, hiking trails and 4x4 routes, this is one not be missed.
Many people mistakenly think this pass is in the Northern Cape. The pass in question is the......

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This is our final news release of 2014. And what a year it's been! Breaking the Thursday news release tradition (simply because tomorrow you'll all be too busy with New Year celebrations), we're publishing one day early.

It's always good to review what one has achieved at this time of year. The website grew from 17000 page views per month in Dec 2013 to 45000 per month currently. The site received over 360,000 page views during 2014. Our FaceBook page rocketed from 400 LIKES a year ago to over 3000 LIKES to date. Our engagement with our readership has grown to the levels that just our email section alone, needs a full time employee. A large number of new reader submissions have been banked into storage for future production and the number of people online at any time of the day or night has grown by over 3000%. We write and post online on three of the major motorcycle adventure clubs, the Land Cruiser Club of South Africa, and CaravanParks.com. One of our goals.....

Its been a funny month, but it is after all, the silly season. On the positive side we've seen the biggest drop in the oil price ever, with the pundits figuring a local drop in the fuel price of R1.05 per litre. For mountain pass affecionados that is very good news indeed and for your camera team that drives a 3 ton SUV, it is even better news! On the dark side....

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