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The website reached a new peak level last week, attaining 12,653 page views in one week. Thank you to every one who enjoys the site and a special word of thanks to some of our stalwart contributors, who work selflessly and tirelessly to ensure we have a world class product.

This week, we give kudos to Mr. Mike Leiscester - a self acknowledged mountain pass affecionado, who has meticulously checked all of our GPS co-ordinates (that's about 1500 of them) as well as distances of the passes and taken the trouble to relay errors found (and there were many!). Mike is currently compiling the ultimate mountain pass spreadsheet exclusively for us. It is this sort of person who makes our day, our week and our year! Mike is one of many people who contribute to the website and of course, we dont want anyone to feel left out, but the amount of effort, time and money he has put in, deserves special mention.

We head off into another distant corner of South Africa this week, and take you on a cyber drive into the dusty corners of the Northern Cape, where late winter and spring-time turn the arid landscape into a wonder-world of wild-flowers.

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I'm not an economist, but I have a problem trying to rationalise why we are having fuel price increases when oil is at $62  per barrel - the lowest figure in the last decade? Somehow, something doesn't quite pan out for me.....Perhaps it has just a little to do with our camera vehicle returning a consumption figure of 4,5 km per litre!

This week we head far north into Limpopo to explore one of the few passes in that province. It's easy enough to access, as it is located on the N1.

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We have our problems in South Africa, but let's be grateful we are not living in Greece right now with their enormous financial crises and the implications for the general population that will effect them negatively for the next 30 years. Whilst our currency has taken a pounding (intentional pun), we do have the privilege of living in one of the most beautiful countries on planet earth with a vast array of places to visit to suit every person and every budget.

For those living in the pass rich areas of the three Cape Provinces, KZN and Mpumalanga, there are enough day trips to last a lifetime - mountain passes in such a tapestry of history and scenic beauty, that even a day excursion with the family brings with it a new voyage of discovery and pleasure, whether it be in the family car, a motorcycle, a mountain bike or even a walk.

From the snowy reaches of the Carliseshoekspruit Pass in the Eastern Cape last week, we invite you to head north-east with us this week to cyber drive another great gravel pass in the Drakensberg (KZN).

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We have officially passed the longest night/shortest day of the winter of 2015 and for those of you that enjoy cold weather, we have a wide range of fabulous passes to take you to those frosty destinations. From the icy sub-zero temperatures of the Ouberg pass near Sutherland, we take you far away into the mountainous interior of the Eastern Cape this week, where you can cyber drive one of the steepest publicly accessible passes that can be done in a normal car and try your hand at snow skiing or high altitude fresh water angling or just enjoy the amazing landscape.

We have recently revamped our video production on this incredible pass and updated some of the information, as well as added some new photos.

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Our new website layout has shown to be a huge hit with all our readers. Thanks to everyone who emailed us. The last few layout issues are being attended to over the next month. Thank you for your patience.

On our most recent filming expedition, we uncovered a brace of small passes and poorts to the south of the Anysberg Nature Reserve on an interesting gravel road (the P294), definitely less travelled, between Montagu and Laingsburg that includes no less than 7 passes! Game fences decorate both sides of the road for most of its distance, not least of which is the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. Game spotting is easy! This road is a guaranteed cure for city blues as it winds up the escarpment from Montagu via the Ouberg Pass, then heads east for 50 km over vast tracts of mountainous Karooscape which offers a varied and fascinating journey, arriving at the first of several passes, before winding up over the Rooinek Pass on the R323 to Laingsburg.

Our featured pass this week is.......

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