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This week, we take pleasure in introducing you to a marvellous (and little known) gravel pass in the Western Cape, close to Wolseley. We discovered this pass whilst researching another obscure pass in this beautiful area. Whilst the gradients on the pass are quite reasonable, the road follows a convoluted route with several sharp switchbacks, up the mountain to a higher altitude plateau in the mountains, previously utilized as a pine plantation, but today is being progressively handed over to Cape Nature as part of the Waterval Nature Reserve. 

At present the road is still under the control of Cape Pine (the old SAFCOL) and a permit is required to ulitilise the road. We provide details of how and where permits are obtainable. The area is designated for the use of mountain bikers, birders and hikers, but vehicles are allowed up the pass, subject to permit conditions.

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For those of you fortunate enough to have made a 10 day break out of the public holidays, we trust you're having a wonderful time wherever you are and for those of you labouring amongst the work force that are keeping SA's wheels turning - Sterkte!

We get some interesting mail from our readership, including one that arrived yesterday explaining the origin of the name Katbakkies - one of our most popular passes in the Western Cape. The owner of the farm Katbakkies at the summit of the pass has explained the name, so now we can finally put to bed all the other populist versions - and here are the two of the most common theories:

1. In the olden days, when cars were less powerful, they had to reverse up the steep inclines of the pass with their passengers sitting in the boot (kattebak) to help gain wheel traction. (Reality - The pass existed long before the advent of the motor car, so that story can be assigned to the sin-bin, as interesting as it sounds).

2. There is a rock close to the pass that strongly resembles the face of a cat. (Katbakkies = Cat's Face). The owner of the farm has assured us that no such rock exists on the farm or anywhere near the pass. This more reasonable theory, which is widely published, is also not true.

Today we bring you the real story behind the name....

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On the radio, newspapers and television its all about xenophobia and load shedding, but here we offer a ray of Karoo sunshine and an opportunity to discover some well hidden gems - in the form of beautiful mountain passes. Come and escape with us for a few minutes.

We are currently working on KZN and will have added 55 new passes to that province by the end of May, which will bring KZN's total up to the 80 mark. Our readers just keep submitting more and more, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and we are anticipating that the site will be complete before the end of 2015. This week our YouTube account clicked over past the 700 video mark!

In the pipeline over the next few weeks/months?

1. A whole new interface which will make the website more mobile friendly.

2. An online shop where you can buy some nice new kit sporting our logo in natural neutral colours.

3. Book a tour - A brand new venture where we will begin offering self-drive guided tours in the Western Cape. This will be promoted on our FaceBook page.

4. A full downloadable list of all the passes, province by province with accurate GPS co-ordinates, on a downloadable spreadsheet. This will be offerred at a small fee.

Today we feature a lovely (and little known) tarred pass north of Graaff-Reinet in the Eastern Cape, which is named after a pioneering family from 1838.

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April is probably the nicest month of the year. It brings with it an end to the harsh summer heat; the leaves turning crimson and yellow and a certain coolness that brings with it the certainty of autumn and of course, to those of us that live in the Western Cape, the discreet promise of much needed rain.

Autumn is also probably the very best time of year to visit the Karoo and today we bring you the final chapter of one of the impressive, high altitude gravel passes in the Central Karoo that very few people have experienced. This one is well worth the detour and you don't need a 4x4 to complete it either.

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We try to keep things positive at MPSA, but the Easter road death toll is one of the worst in our history. The authorities are blaming the No.1 cause on alcohol consumption, with the rest being of a lesser nature, but they have nontheless, mentioned a disregard for the rules of the road as being close to the top of the culprit list - add reckless overtaking, ignoring barrier lines, invalid drivers licenses, exceeding the speed limits and of course unroadworthy vehicles. Just as we think the nation is taking a step forward, it seems we take two backwards. To those of you who managed to return safely from your journeys, welcome home!

On to more pleasant things...... This week (which we rarely do), we're taking you off-road on a 4x4 route on a private game reserve in the Central Karoo. The owners graciously allowed us to traverse their land and film the pass leading to the mountain plateau. Cyber drive with us as we take you to a quiet place, where you can see the curvature of the earth and where the eagles soar the high ridges.....

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