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January passed in a blur. So, we have a half percent rise in the interest rate, more fuel hikes, food inflation and a currency that has fallen into a bottomless pit. That's all the bad stuff. The good news is that we have one of the most beautiful countries in the world and we can still travel locally in a reasonably affordable manner. Much of our filming effort in January took place in the Southern Cape and we have two exciting passes to offer you this week. {Expand this page to access the links or click the READ MORE button}

We're back from another 10 day pass filming expedition in the Southern Cape with lots of HD footage of some magnificent South African mountain passes. This time round we were blessed with perfect weather for filiming and only one rainy day. The Western Cape experienced some severe flooding just one week before we started this trip, which meant some of the smaller passes were still closed. This week we kick things off with what we call the BMW pass for it's "sheer driving pleasure" {Expand this page to read more and access the link}

This news bulletin will the final one for January, as the MPSA team are off to go and film passes for the rest of January. The year has started well with website hits soaring past the 20,000 page views per month mark. Subscriptions have increased dramatically, as have interactions on our FaceBook page. 2014 has seen the production of a series of really spectacular passes including Sani Pass and Seweweeks Poort. This week, we have some fresh material for you: (Expand this page for details)

We've started the new year off with some big name passes, which just happened to reach production because of alphabetical co-incidence! Last week it was the Sani Pass and this week we take you on a cyber drive through the breathtaking Seweweeks Poort on the gravel R323 route between Calitzdorp and Laingsburg.

Robert Meek R.I.P.
Yesterday I (and about 3000 other mourners) attended the funeral of fellow yachtsman Rob Meek at the St Georges Cathedral in Cape Town. The mourners were addressed by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and other dignitaries. Rob Meek was gunned down on the stroke of midnight as his family and friends posed for a new years photograph on the deck of their isolated beach cottage near Port St.Johns in the Transkei, when three youths in balaclavas mounted the deck with guns drawn.....

This is our first first news bulletin of 2014 and for many of you the first working day of the new year. There will be some catching up if you haven't been following the news items. Just click on the NEWS tab and follow the archived news items that you might have missed, as there has been some wonderful new material uploaded during the holiday period.

It is fitting that we kick our first news item of 2014 off with South Africa's most iconic pass - the mighty Sani Pass in KZN. Almost two hours of footage had to be edited down into 2 x 5 minute video clips and still bring the essence of the Sani to life. (Expand this page for the links)

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