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The minions have been messing around with our publishing dates, resulting in this news release being published two days too early. Apologies for that. We shall beat them about the head with a wet toothbrush. 

Passes and Canyons

This week we leave the lush forests of Mpumalanga behind and head off to the lofty peaks of the Eastern Cape Highlands, where we introduce you to a major tarred pass, which few people are even aware of as we explore one of the biggest canyons in South Africa - The Xuka River Canyon. (More lower down)


Listen on the Radio

For the past year we have had a regular slot on the radio station - Wild Coast FM 98,6. Each Monday at 3.30 in the afternoon we have a 10 minute interview on their 'Berg en Daal' show, where we chat about one of South Africa's passes and the fascinating stories that are interwoven into the building of these roads. (More lower down)


The Feminine Touch

The MPSA office in Cape Town is a frenetically busy place and as the popularity of the website keeps growing, we need to grow our administrative side of things to keep pace. As from 1st June, Lisa Roberts will be joining the MPSA team and taking charge of some of the social media side of things. She will be mainly involved with the subscription, marketing and developement side of things on the social media front, which is her field of expertise. (More lower down) 


When delivering the post was a real job

The story goes that postal deliveries between Wupperthal and the Tankwa Karoo were done by a lady on horseback in the late 1800's. She must have been a character of note as riding that route is definitely not for sissies, with blistering hot summers and ice cold winters (including occassional snow). We say: "Give that girl a Bells!"

This old postal route still exists today and can be driven by the public in suitably equipped 4WD vehicles and with the appropriate permissions. We drove this wonderful route last Sunday and opened it to guests to experience how we do the filming and come up with the final product which you see on this website. We take a look at some of the highlights of the trip in this news release, but this is not our featured pass of the week, as the videos still have to be produced (about 700 Gb worth of footage!)


Over the Bonnet

Our featured pass is a real gem and provides fascinating history dating back to the original gold rush in the old ZAR. We head off to Graskop and take a very winding pass past old gold mines - through lush vegetation, dotted with Kiepersol trees and stories of murder, mayhem and the folly of man's greed.

More lower down.....


We have a jam-packed newsletter today. Forget about the city life and take a cyber drive with us to the distant corners of South Africa.

Never Ending Story

Each Thursday we feature a pass that most South Africans are not familiar with in an effort to bring the passes you don't know about into your living room via your desktop, phone or iPad. No matter how fast we produce passes, new ones get sent in by our readers, leaving that "passes to go" number wallowing around the 125 mark. It's been at that level for two years now, despite producing on average 3 passes per week. South Africa is a huge country with diversified scenery with much of our history on the smaller passes lost in the mists of time. Every story and snippet of folklore gets documented at MPSA and by the time this project reaches maturity, it should be the most comprehensive collection of true Africana available on the internet.


What happens in Sutherland stays in Sutherland

During a filming trip to the Northern Cape in 2014 we were based in Sutherland having dinner at one of the local restaurants, when a stranger approached me and asked me if I was the person behind Mountain Passes South Africa. It turned out he was a tour guide and had a group in the little Karoo town on an astronomy tour. He asked me if I knew which was the shortest pass in South Africa? The answer I told him was Sylvia's Pass in Jhb at 290m.

"No" he corrected me. "It's Grey's Pass in Cape Town. Go and check it out" (said with a huge grin)

It took us four years to get around to that! Last Sunday on a bleak, rainy day in Cape Town (that's something of an oxymoron these days), I packed the GoPro and set off to locate and film the mysterious Grey's Pass. More lower down......

This week we head into northern sector of Mpumalanga where it forms its border with Limpopo province. We take a closer look at an odd little village, whose name has given it almost cult status with modern adventure travellers and especially with the adventure biker groups. You've all heard of Blikkiesfontein, Pofadder, Hotazel and Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein, but here is a hamlet with the quirky name of ~Tonteldoos. 

It was established in 1883 and populated by poor, but resourceful burghers. The word 'tonteldoos' means tinderbox. While no-one is certain how the village got its unique name, the story goes that the local land surveyor lost his tinder-box in the area whilst surveying the farmlands and the name stuck. Tonteldoos is located in a peaceful valley near Dullstroom, a popular fly fishing destination. It is surrounded by farmlands and the town itself has a pub, a cheese farm, a country kitchen and some places to stay.

The valley is known for having three species of arum lilly including the rare yello arum, and has another rare plant species, the Aloe reitzil. Nearby is a rough and ready gravel pass waiting to test your driving or riding skills. [More lower down.....]

For the next few weeks our focus will remain on Mpumalanga as we start the production process of many new videos. Today's feature is a pass of drama and danger. It has a summit altitude of 1970m ASL and descends 1065m over 27,4 km via 117 bends, corners and curves, of which 8 are full hairpins and a further 12 bends have angles greater than 90 degrees. It ranks as the 3rd biggest altitude gaining pass in SA after Sani and Mariepskop passes and also ranks as the 10th longest pass. In short, don't take this one lightly!

The mountains are prone to heavy mists which can reduce visibility to 3m. Add into that recipe exceptionally heavy rainfall, potholes, badly cambered corners and the big baddy is/are the massive logging trucks that ply this route. We take you through all the do's and don'ts and guide you over the entire route via a brand new 4 piece video set.

We considered ourselves fortunate to have had a sunny day for the trip - a rarity in this part of Mpumalanga. The main player in this huge valley carved out by the Elands River is SAPPI's paper mill at Ngodwana. We explore the good and the bad angles of commercial forestry and the effects on the region. [More lower down....] 

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