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Brrrr! Winter has arrived in the Western Cape. That spells good news for trips into the countryside and new mountain passes to discover. We have an absolute gem for you this week - the historic Attequaskloof Ox-wagon route. A road that was the N1 for wagon traffic between the coast and the Karoo for 180 years. The history is captivating and the 23 km long pass had to filmed in three videos to give you the complete picture. Unfortunately it can only be driven in a 4x4 as you will see in the video. It will give you a new appreciation of how tough life was in the 1800's. Our cover photo by Zane Erasmus shows the middel section. The little cottage in the photo can be hired from Cape Nature when you book for the 3 day hiking trail in the kloof. It doesn't get more picturesque or isolated than this.

We then do a U-turn and head all the way to Mpumalanga to discover a tough gravel pass high up in the mountains - The Shiyalongubo Pass (the pronunciation takes a little practice!) and we finish off our weekly trio with the much more gentle Skaapwagters Pass on the R539.

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Our cover photo today features the southern approach to the amazing Seweweekspoort. The photo captures the spirit of gravel travel. A certain yearning that many of us have to escape the city life with all its trappings and find our souls in the simplicity of time travel. And what better way than feeling the crunch of gravel under your tyres?

Today we wander far and wide over South Africa, as we introduce you to some new and old passes. We recently did a complete revamp on our most popular pass, with over 7,000 views - The Gamkaskloof / Die Hel, incorporating that most revered pass, the Elands Pass with its dizzying switchbacks.  Discover who Cordier was, the giant Hollander, clad in sheepskins, who ran the show in Die Hel for a long time. And how about Gustav Nefdt, a true Klover, who carried a Dover coal stove strapped to his back over a treacherous footpath from Prince Albert to Die Hel.

On a more gentle note, we visit two new passes in Mpumalanga, the Witklip and Uitkyk passes.

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We recently re-filmed one of our Top 10 passes and re-produced a new two part video series on Chapmans Peak Drive - probably the most written about and controversial pass in South Africa. The videos contain a fascinating insight into the history of the pass (both old and recent).

We then take you on a long, slow drive through the Tankwa Karoo to take you down the breathtaking and rugged Gannaga Pass. Finally we head south to the small town of McGregor and introduce you to a lovely and little known gravel pass that borders on the Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve - rich in flora and fauna.

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Today, we will take you to interesting passes in diverse places. Autumn and winter are often the best months for travelling and exploring. This is a great time to take the family out and discover our beautiful country with its young, vibrant and fascinating history. We move from the tiny town of MacGregor (a haven for artists, poets and writers) to nearby Strormsvlei ( a place so small, few have even heard of it, but it was once a major thoroughfare for wagon traffic to the Cape). Then we doddle off to Mpumalanga to tackle the Skurweberg Pass.

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Our cover photo this week shows a baby porcupine - so young is was still unsighted and hard of hearing, but the sense of smell was acute. It was completely unaware of our presence until it sniffed a shoe and then all hell broke loose as it rattled its multiple sabres. These rarely seen nocturnal animals are true survivors. The photo was taken on an MTB trail at the Farleigh Forestry section on the Garden Route.

With five new passes filmed over the last ten days, dodging torrential rain and hail storms, it's been an eventful week. We have two great new off-road passes filmed (Attaquaskloof Ox-wagon route and the amazing Antoniesberg pass) which should be online in about two weeks time. Now that all the holidays and the elections are over, our news bulletins will revert back to their bi-weekly format.

Today we look at three diverse passes in various parts of South Africa, from Mpumalanga to the Northern Cape and finishing up in the Western Cape. We also discovered Angie's G-Spot. (details below)

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