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We get lots of help with our passes project from researchers, historians, travel writers and road engineers. On Saturday last week, we had the privilege of meeting our favourite road engineer, Graham Ross, at his home in Somerset West. Graham has patiently guided and mentored our project with a wonderful sense of patience and diplomacy. A lot of Graham's lifetime worth of experience has gone into research and he has shared his invaluable collection of statistics as well as some lovely stories, many of which have been crafted into a rich tapestry of tales about South Africa and it's developement over the last 300 years. He has given us access to all of this and many tales, facts and figures are reproduced on this website with his blessing. Do yourself a favour and find yourself a copy of Graham's excellent book: "The Romance of the Cape Mountain Passes" It's a book you will refer to many times over the years. [ISBN 978-1-920289-51-5] Sunbird Publishers.

Graham Ross
Graham Ross - 'Padmaker' of note.

We have a few more interesting Northern Cape passes for you to cyber drive this week: [ Click the READ MORE button for the hyperlinks]

Far from the lush and green passes of the Southern Cape where we have spent almost a month on the production of passes, we move much further away for the next fortnight - into the thirstlands of the Northern Cape, where there are a surprising number of big passes. {Click the READ MORE button for the hyperlinks}

The Rooiberg Pass is one of those "off the radar" passes that has very low traffic volumes. The reason for that is the much better and faster tarred roads offering alternative routes in that area. But if you want to get to the metropolis of Van Wyksdorp which is tucked away in a valley in the Little Karoo, this is one of the passes that will get you there if you happen to find yourself quaffing fine port in one of Calitzdorp's eateries. It's a real gem of a pass and begs the attention of the adventure traveller. It's also long, dusty, bumpy and challenging in places. (Click the READ MORE button for the details and hyperlink)

January passed in a blur. So, we have a half percent rise in the interest rate, more fuel hikes, food inflation and a currency that has fallen into a bottomless pit. That's all the bad stuff. The good news is that we have one of the most beautiful countries in the world and we can still travel locally in a reasonably affordable manner. Much of our filming effort in January took place in the Southern Cape and we have two exciting passes to offer you this week. {Expand this page to access the links or click the READ MORE button}

We're back from another 10 day pass filming expedition in the Southern Cape with lots of HD footage of some magnificent South African mountain passes. This time round we were blessed with perfect weather for filiming and only one rainy day. The Western Cape experienced some severe flooding just one week before we started this trip, which meant some of the smaller passes were still closed. This week we kick things off with what we call the BMW pass for it's "sheer driving pleasure" {Expand this page to read more and access the link}

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