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We recently re-filmed one of our Top 10 passes and re-produced a new two part video series on Chapmans Peak Drive - probably the most written about and controversial pass in South Africa. The videos contain a fascinating insight into the history of the pass (both old and recent).

We then take you on a long, slow drive through the Tankwa Karoo to take you down the breathtaking and rugged Gannaga Pass. Finally we head south to the small town of McGregor and introduce you to a lovely and little known gravel pass that borders on the Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve - rich in flora and fauna.

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Today, we will take you to interesting passes in diverse places. Autumn and winter are often the best months for travelling and exploring. This is a great time to take the family out and discover our beautiful country with its young, vibrant and fascinating history. We move from the tiny town of MacGregor (a haven for artists, poets and writers) to nearby Strormsvlei ( a place so small, few have even heard of it, but it was once a major thoroughfare for wagon traffic to the Cape). Then we doddle off to Mpumalanga to tackle the Skurweberg Pass.

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Our cover photo this week shows a baby porcupine - so young is was still unsighted and hard of hearing, but the sense of smell was acute. It was completely unaware of our presence until it sniffed a shoe and then all hell broke loose as it rattled its multiple sabres. These rarely seen nocturnal animals are true survivors. The photo was taken on an MTB trail at the Farleigh Forestry section on the Garden Route.

With five new passes filmed over the last ten days, dodging torrential rain and hail storms, it's been an eventful week. We have two great new off-road passes filmed (Attaquaskloof Ox-wagon route and the amazing Antoniesberg pass) which should be online in about two weeks time. Now that all the holidays and the elections are over, our news bulletins will revert back to their bi-weekly format.

Today we look at three diverse passes in various parts of South Africa, from Mpumalanga to the Northern Cape and finishing up in the Western Cape. We also discovered Angie's G-Spot. (details below)

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You have to love an official sense of humour. Our cover pic this week leaves the driver and passengers in no doubt as to what to expect in terms of corrugations!

The public holidays have meant the Mountain Passes South Africa team have been able to double up on production. We have just produced our 300th pass! Believe it or not, there are still another 50 odd passes to go (that we know about). We will be travelling again from the 7th to the 17th May, so there will be no news bulletins till we are back. So tuck in and get your fill. Since it's voting season, please put your stamp of approval on our site by registering with us. That gives you the latest news first as well as access to the route files, which makes navigation incredibly simple. You can read more about the route files on our HELP page.

We have our standard trio of passes on offer ranging from an interesting suburban pass in Cape Town to the notorious Robbers Pass in Mpumalanga

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The MountainPassesSouthAfrica website hit a new record last week logging just under 30,000 views for the prior 4 week cycle. If you are not a subscriber yet, we invite you to become one. Advantages are that you  get the freshest news and new passes first - plus you have access to the route files (which makes finding passes on your GPS a very easy matter), plus you receive an email version of this e-newsletter, inviting you to read up on the latest passes. The subscription process is straight forward. Just click on the green REGISTER button in the right column of any page; complete the fields and the rest happens automatically.

Holidays provide opportunities to try out new destinations and what could be more fun then heading out into the country. We have reduced our news bulletins down to one per week, until mid-May, once life returns to normal. This week as usual, we explore some new destinations:

1. Remhoogte Pass - This fairly easy tarred pass lies on the R60 between Ashton and Swellendam and is the biggest of the trio of passes on this road.

2. Mpageni Pass - A big pass in Mpumalanga also known as the "Old Nelspruit-Kaapmuiden Road". It is long and steep with great views over the Crocodile River Poort. 

3. Nelshoogte Pass - Traverses the State Forests between Barberton and Badplaas and is over 12 km long. A beauty.

Travel light.

Trygve Roberts

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