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Our cover picture this week features the amazing Atlantic Road in Norway. It looks like it's straight from a science fiction movie, but it is the real McCoy with some outstanding engineering involved -  and a reminder that winter is around the corner for the Southern Hemisphere and how fortunate and blessed we are to live in a country with such a mild climate.

Easter is history and probably for the first time in many years, it didn't rain in the Western Cape over the long weekend. The national death toll from road accidents at time of writing was in excess of 80 souls. We sincerely hope all our readers, followers and subscribers are excluded from that list. Now comes that tricky part where you have to get your mind back into a work routine. Of interest in the Western Cape, was the large number of families who decided to stay at home this Easter.
We have another interesting trio of passes on offer today from Limpopo to Swellendam.

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With Easter around the corner, it's time for holiday planning for many families. Why not stay off the main routes and take a little longer to get to your destination by travelling some of the slower and more scenic back roads. Use our Master Map (on the home page) to plan your journey and include some interesting passes along the way. This week we bounce around the corners of South Africa and take you from the Boland's Rooihoogte Pass on the R43 where there is a mountain and a farm named after the awesome ratel (honey badger), which is our feature photo this week - all the way to Mpumalanga's Montrose Falls and then to a road most of our readers have travelled but didn't know it's name or history - this being the Bakoondhoogte Pass on the R60 near Ashton in the Western Cape.

Kilo for kilo and inch for inch, there is no more ferocious and fearless animal than the ratel. With an almost impenetrably thick coat of hair, razor sharp 3 cm long front claws, a low centre of gravity, four leg drive, massive energy reserves, an impressive set of teeth and an attitude that makes a bull-terrier look wimpish - this is an animal you should never confront. Back away gently and let it eat the chickens.

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Every radio station, newspaper and a dedicated TV channel - it's Oscar in abundance. With all the negativity in the news headlines, we try to keep things on a positive note. The weather is unseasonally pleasant with 28 to 30 degree temperatures in the Western Cape. Add a rash of public holidays and it's a perfect recipe to discover your country. Our trio of passes range from the Mother City and a scenic road through the Schoemans Kloof Pass in Mpumalanga.

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Our weekend was spent capturing more great "off the beaten track" passes for you, but those will only be processed during the next 10 days. This week we have a look at three diverse passes starting with Constantia Nek in Cape Town, then zooming off to Mpumalanaga to drive the gravel Wonderkloof Pass. Then back to the Western Cape for a visit to the alpine like Elandskloof Pass near Villiersdorp.

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Mountain Passes reached a new milestone last month with a new record of 24,429 page views in a single month. Our international and local rankings are now really going places. This week we head north and south to the extremes of our borders with three diverse offerings. From the green mountains of Mpumalanga all the way to Cape Town's Atlantic seaboard. The rains have finally left Gauteng and arrived in the Western Cape, with flooded streets and gridlocked traffic being the order of the day.

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