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Over the next few weeks our focus will be on the little province of Mpumalanga - also gently known as the 'Slow-veld' for the relaxed pace of life there. It has many assets including minerals, forests, fruit and nut farming,  mountains with fast flowing rivers, towering waterfalls, adventure sports, ghosts towns and a rich history of pioneering characters - the whole package wrapped up in a sub-tropical climate. Ah yes, it also has a lot of mountain passes. This week we will take a look at a trio of those,

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Just yesterday, we spoke about the vast volumes of rain in Gauteng. Whenever we do river crossings, we always issue a cautionary, which might sound like overkill, but we have experienced the savage power of water and seen the consequences thereof, which is frequently fatal. This video clip below has just been released, which shows a truck crossing a submerged bridge this week, with shocking consequences. If the driver of this truck had complied with the basic rule of "If you cant walk it, dont drive it", this would never have happened. What intrigued me about this video clip is - where was the videographer standing?

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It's Thursday and we have some fresh and interesting passes for you today. From time to time I touch on touchy subjects - like global warming. Yesterday I received a batch of photos documenting the extent of the floods in Gauteng and further north. One photo specifically caught my attention - a black VW Golf half submerged in a gigantic pothole in the middle of a tarred road in a city. The mind boggles as to what the water table must be in Johannesburg and surrounds and I suppose a million miles of underground mineshafts must eventually form a system of underwater rivers, given enough rainfall. And the rain has fallen non-stop for almost two weeks. Wet coal stocks and Eskom's load shedding is a consequence. It's time to dust the generator off again! Meanwhile the Vaal Dam is more than 100% full. It never rains, bit it pours.....

This week we have a batch of passes (much drier than Jhb) in the Northern Cape to explore. Faraway places that few South Africans have been to. [Expand this page to access the links by clicking on the photo, the title or the READ MORE button}

Whilst 35000 cyclists struggelled around the Cape Peninsula in a gale force south-easterly, my thoughts went out to them as they tackled several of the passes on this website, including Smitswinkel, Chapmans Peak Drive and the dreaded Suikerbossie. Why is it that a pass with twists and turns is more bearable than one without? Anyone who has ever cycled up Suikerbossie will understand!

We have some great new material for you this week, as usual.

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We found this little guy hiding in a shoe and managed to get him back into aqualand unharmed. It's been a hectic week with lots of things keeping the team very busy, but we have three great new routes for you this week (especially if you live in the Western Cape). We have another trio of interesting and out of the way passes to explore in the Overberg area.
We have had some inquiries about publicly accessible roads in the Sanbona Reserve near Barrydale in the Cape, which we are checking out. If any readers have intimate knowledge about this, we would appreciate a call or an email.

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