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The lovely winding road of the Prince Alfred’s Pass is surrounded by four biomes that are home to an abundance of indigenous fauna and flora, making for some breathtaking and captivating scenery. Trygve Roberts explores.

The Prince Alfred’s Pass on the R339 gravel road between Knysna and Uniondale is probably Thomas Bain’s most remarkable work. It is the second oldest unaltered pass still in use and is the longest (publicly accessible) mountain pass in South Africa at approximately 68.5km. This exceptionally long pass presented almost every possible technical obstacle to the pass-builders.

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- Adventure Afrika Mar/Apr 2021 edition 

The long, steep and dramatic Franschhoek Pass, renowned for the
picturesque scenery it provides, was South Africa's first properly
engineered pass and is a great weekend destination for those wishing to
escape the hustle and bustle of life in the city. Trygve Roberts explores.

The scenic Franschhoek Pass is also known as Lambrechts Road. More poetically, though, a hundred and fifty years ago it was known as Olifantshoek (Elephants Corner) after the now mythical herds of elephant which once roamed these valleys and mountains it traverses. This long, steep and dramatic pass with its variety of scenery was South Africa's first properly engineered pass. During weekends city folk stream to the pass on foot, bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, cars and SUVs to enjoy it's sheer magnificence.

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- Adventure Afrika Jan/Feb 2021 edition 

Undoubtedly Mpumalanga’s most famous pass, Tryvge Roberts from
Mountain Passes South Africa explores the Long Tom Pass in Sabie.

Winding through some of Mpumalanga's breathtaking scenery, the (in)famous Long Tom Pass is one of those "I love to hate you" passes in South Africa. It is 26.2 kilometres long (or even longer depending on where one starts measuring), plus it displays an altitude variance of 671 vertical meters through a complex network of curves as it ascends up the Drakensberg escarpment between Sabie in the east and Lydenburg in the west.

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- Adventure Afrika December 2020 edition 

The rugged mountains and deep, green valleys of the Bastervoetpad Pass
are strongly reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands, with icy winters and
mild summers. This pass rates high amongst the top 10 high altitude passes of the Eastern Cape..

Officially named the Dr Lapa Munnik Pass, the Bastervoetpad Pass is located between the summit of the Barkly Pass and Ugie and traverses a southern arm of the Drakensberg along the east-west axis.

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- Adventure Afrika November 2020 edition 

The Swartberg Pass is for many South Africans the rubicon of gravel
road passes. There is an allure and a mystique around this old pass,
coupled with its status as a national monument, which elevates this pass
to the very top of every adventurer’s list.

Thomas Bain’s final piece of road building, the Swartberg Pass, is very long at 23.8 km and it takes about an hour to drive, excluding stops. You will be treated to a wide variety of incredible scenery, but the pass is not suitable for anyone suffering from acrophobia..

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- Adventure Afrika October 2020 edition 

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