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William John Burchell William John Burchell - Photo: Google Images

The week that was

* Quick catch up on latest media and social media trends

* New product successful in first week - MPSA VOX

* Another new services offering from MPSA - DIGITAL MARKETING

* A step closer to our first virtual tour app. - VOICE MAP

* Podcast - Burchell's Oxwagon Route

* Pass of the week

* Words of Wisdom


Happenings on the net

It's been another week of conspiracy theories and conflicting ideology with many people who I regard as being level headed, suddenly having become polarised into various groups wanting to burn their masks on the beaches and streets. There are clear signs that South Africans are fed-up and want their lives and liberties restored. The power of social media is such that government must be taking cognizance of the general mood.

Last night's announcement of Level 3 to kick in at the end of May has not been met with much enthusiasm. It would seem that the majority of South Africans want lockdown to end completely and immediately Today the car dealers have finally been given permission to reopen their doors for business. I'm afraid that many of them will not survive the lockdown financially due to cash-flow issues. 

It's been a weird time for all of us, No science fiction movie could beat what we are currently living through. It's the material one would expect the likes of Stephen King to be writing.

On the home front

Our MPSA Vox service was born from this lockdown exercise. In the first week we received 26 videos for narration. Half of those are already done and back with their originators. We had no idea the concept would be so successful. Remember we can do any video or business presentation in English or Afrikaans. The English option is also available in a female voice. Go to our shop page on the link below (Professional Services) for more information:


MPSA VOX - Creativity born out of lockdown

We are full of ideas and are happy to introduce another online service - MPSA Digital Marketing.

Lisa Roberts - Digital marketing guru

We've been doing social media intensively for the past 7 years, having built up a very successful social media presence (27,000 followers) and are in a position to help you build a business brand, group or personal page.

The service includes brand building, Facebook business, Instagram, blogging, vlogging and other digital marketing techniques.

Lisa Roberts is a UCT graduate and experienced social media expert who will be heading up this arm of MPSA's professional services. Details of the service and how it all works will be added to our shop page in the next week. Watch this space.


VOICE MAP - We mentioned this new concept in last week's newsletter. We are busy adding the finishing touches to our first virtual tour guide, which will be on sale soon on our shop page and elsewhere. We have spent 80 man-hours (and that number will easily top 100 hours by the time we're finished) on this first effort to make sure it is the very best available.

[More lower down]

Voice Map is a downloadable App which you download onto your phone. Each route is priced according to the content. For example, our first tour will be of Chapman's peak Drive, which will sell for US$4. Once you have downloaded the route, you don't need internet connectivity for the tour to function. It works off your phone's GPRS function and will play the voice recordings at exactly the right time throughout the tour. It's a really cool concept and we are certain it will be a winner with overseas tourists (when they eventually return) as well as locals. Our initial offering will cover the 20 most popular passes. The product range will be expanded later.


Podcast - We managed to synch things perfectly this week with the podcast echoing some of the contents of our pass of the week.

Tours Update - We have published the revised dates of our two upcoming tours, both of which had to be postponed due to lockdown. We repeat those dates again here for those who missed the information.

Wild Coast Tour - 6th to 15th August 2020

Ben 10 Eco Challenge V3 Tour - 23rd to 28th September, 2020

Pass of the Week

Our featured pass this week is an interesting one. It goes by three different names - Klein Langkloof, the Kliprivier Road  or Burchells Oxwagon Route. The latter is of course partially incorrect as the route is merely the access road to the oxwagon route.

In this four part video series we dig into the history of William Burchell - an exceptionally intelligent botanist who collected over 63000 samples of flora and fauna during his trek though the Cape Colony between 1811 and 1815.

We also explore the Keurbooms River from source to estuary and even take a look at the ever popular town of Plettenberg Bay.

We stop in at De Vlugt at the eastern end of our route and rekindle its history where it started as a convict camp for Thomas Bain's road crew who built the Prince Alfred's Pass from this point. Even the 50 or so inhabitants today do not see eye to eye with one another as some hard headed characters battle things out through the courts with restraining orders, demolitions orders, gunshots and verbal threats. It's still wild and woolly in De Vlugt in 2020.

Take a shot of that home brewed mampoer with a good cup of coffee and immerse yourself in this lovely journey through a wonderful part of South Africa. You will need about 20 minutes.

* * * * *   K L E I N   L A N G K L O O F   * * * * *


Trygve Roberts

Thought for the day: "Dreams don't work unless you do" - John Maxwell  

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