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Branding on the Cruiser Branding on the Cruiser - Photo: Trygve Roberts

The Land Cruiser is packed and the Mountain Passes team is ready to roll on our biggest pass filming expedition to date. We are planning to film 57 passes in 13 days - travelling 4500 km through the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KZN, and Lesotho. If we get sufficient good footage in Lesotho, we might open a new tab on the website under LESOTHO, as we get many requests from viewers about conditions in the high altitude land-locked kingdom. Keep a look-out for our convoy of six 4x4's and the specially branded Land Cruiser in pic. We have the expert 4x4 enthusiast and experienced offroad biker Geoff Russell with us. I probably have the best job in the world!

There will be no updates to the site until early November due to the expedition, but we promise lots of high quality HD footage and new material during November and December. Our target was to have the site 100% complete by December 2013, but.......?????

We would like to welcome all our new subscribers on board. We promise you the most comprehensive mountain pass website in the world and it's made right here in sunny SA!

For those interested in the details, the following passes are on our to do list: (Some nice obscure ones amongst that lot that we dug up from our 1:50,000 maps.)

Major passes are highlighted

1. Strykhoogte Pass (WC/Bonnievale)
2. Hassekwasnek Pass (WC/Bonnievale)
3. Korlandskroonhoogte (WC/Bonnievale)
4. Moodies Pass (R322/Heidelberg)
5. Gysmanshoek Pass (Heidelberg)
6. Muiskraal Pass (R323/Riversdale)
7. Gouritz Pass (R327/Herbertsdale)
8. Cloetes Pass (R327/Herbertsdale)
9.Sandhoogte Pass (Groot Brak)
10. Groothoogte Pass (N2/Groot Brak)

11. Goukamma River Pass (N2/Sedgefield)
12. Keurboomsrivierhoogte Pass (N2/Plett)
13. Van Stadens River Old Pass (Humansdorp)
14.Ecca Pass (Grahamstown)
15. Katberg Pass EC
16. Devils Bellows EC
17. Mackays Nek Pass EC
18. Otto du Plessis Pass EC
19. Volunteershoek Pass/Bidstone EC
20. Carlisleshoekspruit Pass EC
21. Naudes nek Pass EC
22. Elandshoogte Pass EC
23. Pitseng Pass EC
24. Potrivier Pass EC
25. Bastervoetslaan/Lapa Munnik Pass EC
26. Sani Pass KZN
27. Sehongkong Lesotho (L)
28. Matsebeng L
29. Qachas nek L
30. Baboons Pass L
31. Ramashanta L
32. Bushmen Pass L
33. God help me Pass L (That one promises some excitement!)
34. Blue Mountain Pass L
35. Pass of Jackals L
36.Mokhabong L
37. Katse Dam Pass L
38. Nkadabee L
39. Laitsoka L
40. Tierfonteinhoogte Pass EC

41. Groot Doringhoek EC
42. Naudesberg Pass EC
43. Paardekloof/Amandelhoek Pass EC
44. Goliathkraal de Hoogte EC
45. Perrieshoogte Pass EC
46. Ongeluksnek EC
47. Devils Staircase L
48. Maphonageng L
49. Kotsephola L
50. Munniks Pass EC
51. Windheuwelpoort EC
52. Perdepoort Pass EC
53. Buyspoort EC
54. Gwarriepoort EC
55. Potjiesberg Pass EC
56. Seweweekspoort WC
57. Kruip poort Pass WC

 Sani Pass is always something of a challenge.

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