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Rainbows - free, postive energy Rainbows - free, postive energy - Photo: Trygve Roberts

Google Milestones
Mountain Passes South africa has just passed the 4000 page views per week target. That is over 200,000 page views a year. Our Google ranking is soaring and we now rank in position 3171 amongst all South African websitesWe are the number 1 website for mountain passes in South Africa. For those not "into" internet statistics, this is a remarkable achievement for a website that is less than two years old. We would like to thank all our viewers and especially our subscribers for your support. For subscribers, we have something super lined up just in time for Christmas!



Christmas comes every month of the year!
Subscribers will be able to download route files of each pass (entirely for free). How does it work? We supply a route file in one or two formats to suit most GPS's. You download the file (they are small and download in a second or two) and then upload it from your PC/ Laptop/ iPad directly to your GPS. We are excited about this developement and it comes in the wake of several requests for this feature from our readers. Please note that only subscribers will have access to this new feature, so if you haven't subscribed yet, now is the time. The more subscribers we have, the more value we can pack into the website. Go to the subscriber box on the home page, type in your email address and you will receive a security email from us. Click the link and that's it - guaranteed spam free 100% pure mountain passes.

Some upgrades to the website

1. FaceBook
We have added a FaceBook widget in the advert section of each page. This allows you direct access to make comments, upload photos and so on. There is also that all important LIKE button waiting to be clicked! We have also added a FaceBook Wall page (click on the new SOCIAL tab to open it). This gives you a quick preview of the last few FaceBook posts we have made.

2. Twitter
You will notice we have a sub tab taking you directly to the Twitter page under the SOCIAL tab. In addition we have included both FaceBook and Twitter icons on the top right hand corner of each page for easy access to these popular social sites. Lisa Roberts will be in charge of the daily tweets.

We have removed the star rating feature for passes as it was under utilised. Likewise the dedicated tab 'SUBMIT CONTENT' has also been sin-binned. Anyone wanting to submit photos or videos can simply email us.

What's new this week?

- (The offroad mapping software company). We have launched a dovetailed program with Tracks4Africa, whereby all the passes on their mapping software will contain our descriptive information, photos and video material, thereby providing a complete service to a wide variety of users of both platforms. The two websites compliment each other perfectly. The first batch of video links have been sent to them and should be available soon. It will take some time before they have uploaded the vast amount of information available, but the process has started.

Cederberg 4x4 - A well established, Western Cape based 4x4 touring company will be cross-linking with us soon. Keep a look out for their logo which will enable you to visit their website directly from here.

New Passes processed:

A new video on the Lootsberg Pass in the Great Karoo - famous for it's steam train photographic opportunities.

A new page and video on the little known Moodies Pass near Heidelberg in the Western Cape - And a springboard to several beautiful passes in the area. 

A new page and video on the Muiskraal Pass near Riversdale in the Western Cape.

A new page and video on the Koueveld Pass in the Swartberg, not far from Laingsburg.

New Web Consulting
There will be one more news item before 2013 comes to an end. We are delighted with our internet backroom wizard, Jacques Rentzke of New Web Consulting, who applies his mind patiently and tirelessly, to make every new idea or concept I come up with, a reality on this website.

Keegan Longuiera and the Smile Foundation
An energetic young cyclist , Keegan Longuiera, from Mpumalanga has contacted us. He is raising funds for the Smile Foundation, by cycling all of South Africa's mountain passes. He is using this website to do all his trip planning and viewers can look forward to press and TV coverage from Keegan on his progress. We give him advice on his planning and we are delighted to have been able to assist him in this worthy, charitable cause. We find it tough driving all the passes in a 4x4, never mind on a mountain bike! We wish him every success in his endeavour.

Until next time - Drive safely.

Trygve Roberts


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