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South Africa - packed with natural beauty South Africa - packed with natural beauty - Photo: Hougaard Malan

This week we have released our first batch of route files. Our IT department has been burning the midnight oil making the necessary changes and improvements. A route file is a small down-loadable file (it takes about 1 second) that we have embedded just below the interactive map. Once you have it on your PC/Laptop/tablet etc. you can then save it and upload to your GPS for pin point accurate navigation to any pass and the actual pass itself of course. We have also built in a HELP page, where we describe in detail how to get the most out of the site (including a section on the new route files). You will notice that.....

...not all the passes have route files yet. We are working our way alphabetically through them and have embedded about 15% of the files so far. We expect all the passes to have accessible route files by the end of March. You can visit the HELP page here, which is also a brand new feature to assist those new to the site how to get the best out of it.

We are currently focussing on production of passes in the Northern Cape, with about 6 or 7 passes to go till completion of that province. We will be heading off to KZN after that, so there's plenty happening. By now all our subscribers will have received their first email automated promts on new items on the site. The changeover from Google's Feedburner system to the more sophisticated and powerful Mailchimp went fairly smoothly. All the gremlins have now been sorted for an enjoyable reading experience. You can now go directly from the email to the website with a single click.

New passes to view this week are: (Note they all start with the word "ou")

1. Ouberg Pass - The Northern Cape has some great gravel passes. This is the "king" of them with an altirude gain of 820 meters it ranks at position No.7 nationally.

2. Oukloof Pass - Less dramatic than the Ouberg pass, but this one is remote and is located near Fraserburg. This is a true 'Great Escape'

3. Oupoort Pass- Located between Sutherland and Middelpos on the R354 this smallish poort can be driven as a circular route with the Gannaga and Ouberg passes.

Why not head off this autumn to enjoy the wide open spaces of the Tankwa Karoo (and South Africa's newest national park) and enjoy some magnificent gravel road passes in the process. You can plan your journey by making use of the Master Orientation Map

Have a brilliant week and remember that planning your journey is half the fun.

Trygve Roberts

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